Top Hottest Social Apps For Teens

Social media apps for teens

Top social media apps

Social networking is ever evolving thing. There was a time when only Facebook and MySpace were the apps which were used widely and which ruled the internet. However this time has long gone. In this generation everyone has gone mobile and explored every single app coming to the market, used for a while and then thrown them away from the market as if they never existed. This time is for the photo sharing and video sharing. People are always excited to share where they are hoe they look and what they are doing. Facebook has struggled a lot to keep their younger audience and users engaged with the app but now everyone is proactive and has been using every new thing and if they find it more interesting they shift towards it very easily. Teens are always on their p-hones or tablets doping some or the other thing. Let’s find out which are the apps which keep them this bust y and engaged with their phones and tablets all the time. Here is a list of some of the top hottest social apps for teens.

  • WhatsApp

There are plenty of teens who make use of Facebook messengers on their cell phones to get in touch with their friends. However with the installation of whatsapp, the use of Facebook messenger has reduced and teens have immensely shifted to whatsapp. On an average, the monthly counting of active users of whatsapp is around 700 million. This app not only helps to text but it also lets you add status, images, and videos. It also avails the feature of sharing the location, making video calls and also voice calls. The entire platform of whatsapp and Facebook is isolated and hence you don’t have to worry about the overlapping of both of them.

  • Snapchat

This is also one of the messaging app but this considered as the private messaging app for short videos and photos. Here the photos, texts and videos will be automatically deleted after they have been seen for a few seconds. This app has been so trendy and popular among the kids because of its self-destructing quality. This is the basic reason why teens finds it more encouraging and appealing knowing the facts that their previous snaps will disappear without giving a chance to anyone else to see it. There are some cute and really funny filters which this app provides and attracts more teens to use this app.

  • Instagram

Facebook might be ruling as the social photo sharing app on the web but when it comes to mobile, undeniably instagram rules it. However instagram is not openly sharing how many users of it is teens but it is quite visible that social media platform is totally infested by the teens only. You can search some popular pages or go for finding some popular hashtags to get the note of how the young people are dominating the web world.


Tips on Using GPS Navigation Safely

GPS navigation with android logo

Image of GPS navigation

Have you ever used the GPS navigation system in your car? I guess you might have. But have you ever thought it might turn up to be so dangerous if you’re not taking and following the proper safety tips while using your GPS navigation? It seems like yesterday the GPS navigation system was so expensive to use and ever hard to understand, but in present time, the scenario is completely changed. Now the Global Positioning system now comes on almost each and every car and also on the smartphones. Well, being scary is natural. We all might have come across this scenario or might be in a dilemma of using it but there’s nothing to worry about. You can easily use it by following the safety measures of using your GPS navigation in your car.

GPS has simply turned by the mindset of the people. Now, no one waits for finding the destination and the routes in the maps. You simply need to add up the location you want to reach and here you go. GPS will work in showing you the exact path for your location. Whether you’re using the navigation in our phone or your car, there are certainly some of the safety measures to be followed while using it. Here is the list of safety measures ever person driving the car or using the GPS navigation should follow.

Safety tips on using GPS navigation:

  • Program your destination first before you start with the journey. Mark up the address before you leave the place in your GPS navigation. It is listed at the first position on the list of safety measures while using the GPS navigation.
  • Many of the accidents are noticed simply because the drivers of the car are punching up the destination they want to reach while they are driving the car. Even, there are chances that while performing it you can punch up the wrong address which will simply result in taking you to a wrong destination.
  • Spending a single minute in marking up the destination you want to visit helps in saving the life of you. It is advisable to use a voice navigation system than using the touch one. Whether you’re using it in your phone or in your car, if you’re GPS navigation system has the application of using the voice direction, it is advisable to utilize it.
  • It is among the good cause of using it. The best GPS navigation system helps in offering good feedback to the driver while he or she is driving the car. In fact using the voice application in your GPS navigation is beneficial because it will help in avoiding certainly the distractions that might end up turning injurious to you.
  • Know the process of how to function your GPS navigation that is installed in your car. Know the features which are already in your GPS navigation system. You can take the help of YouTube for knowing the exact instructions that can be used for operating your navigation system in your car.


Types of Entertainment Gadgets that Changed our Lives

IPod and its box

Place an IPod with its box

Well, it would not be okay to deny the fact that we are now totally into the age of digital technology. There are numerous things and gadgets coming out now a days that increases our view of purchasing it for the best of us. Not only the gadgets bit the films are such that makes us relevant to learn the new concept of artificial intelligence. Take the example of robots. Yes, you heard it right; it is something that we haven’t thought for any time. But the ideas of having robot are still not much achievable by the common people. Then what are the entertainment gadgets that are easily available to us? Well, here’s your answer to the question. For more details read out below and gather the importance of entertainment gadgets in our life.

Types of entertainment gadgets:


IPod, one of the most fascinated entertainment gadget that is wished by each and every girl and boy in the age of 12 to 13. Taking from the earliest models to the latest models of iPod, apple has significantly offered a truly different way for presenting music and to listen it thou. You can have an instant access over music by simply clicking a button on your iPod. Even, most of them gets fascinated by the colors that apple offers to the people. It’s fascinating colors increase the wish of purchasing an iPod right away. The trend of using CDs and handsets are gone as it’s the time for Apple users.

GPS navigation:

Are you familiar with GPS navigation system in your car? Isn’t it something unique and different that before you know the way, your car offers you with the accurate destination you want to travel. You just simply need to add up a landmark in your GPS and the rest of the thing is done by your GPS navigation. This makes GPS navigation as the part of entertainment gadgets. You can also download the voice format you want to have which is fun too. A celebrity voice will offer the service for marking you to take right or turn left.

Bluetooth service:

Bluetooth plays an important role when it comes for knowing different types of entertainment gadgets. Bluetooth simply has solved the problem of transferring the data from a device to another. The ease of transferring stuffs so easily, have never thought of. It helps in allowing us the wireless transmits of data from a device to another. Not only the mobile phones but you can also transfer with from TVs, computers and even laptops. Even Bluetooth helps in allowing us to connect a wireless connection to the device in our car for playing music and talk while driving the car.

Digital camera:

Although we have always though that photos taken in Polaroid gains more accurate and charming pictures but the trend has changed to something else. You can easily click the pictures of your own by using a digital camera. There is no need to worry about the film getting over as you have numerous options for saving and clicking as many pictures you want to have. You need to store a memory card that helps in collecting the list of photos you want to click.

Tips To Increase Your Wi fi Speed

Ways of increasing wifi speed

Tips of increasing wifi speed

It’s really a pain in head to browse the internet with slow speed. You cannot search something quickly or you cannot download something or the site you want to open keeps on loading for a long period of time. This is really very annoying. There can be an issue in the speed of your Wi fi. If you are facing such issues then you will have to check the speed of your wi fi there are many reasons of lowering the speed. You cannot work in such low speed and hence you have to take steps for increasing your wi fi speed. If you are not aware of the steps to increase your wi fi speed then to help you out here are some of the steps to improve your wi fi speed.

Tips to increase your wi fi speed

  • Make use of latest technologies

One of the best ways to increase your wi fi speed is to use those technologies which are updated. You have to make sure that your network is fast and reliable. You have to make use of the up to date hardware to get the optimum speed and not to bear with the low speed issues. If you are having the wi fi which is A, B and G then they are pretty much old and extremely slow. The newer hardware for wi fi is the N and AC. These will help you to increase your wi fi speed. Update your wi fi to these versions. However for getting the fastest speed, you will need both wi fi N and also thye wireless N in your computer.

  • Find the right spot

Your router might not be that much good looking and trendy but this does not mean you will hide it in the unwanted corner of your home. For increasing your wi fi speed, you need to find a spot which is appropriate for placing your modem and from where signals don’t get obstructed. One of the essential things about placing your wi fi is that it should not be surrounded by walls. Walls will hinder the signals and frequency of your wi fi and lower its speed. Place it somewhere in the middle of the office and home. This will be able to increase the speed of your wi fi. Also make sure to not to keep it in a place where it gets direct sunlight as these will also not help in increasing speed of your wi fi.

  • Keep other appliances away

There are not always issues with the router when speed is slow. There are many electrical gadgets in your home and many times their signals clash with each other lowering your internet speed. Hence it is advisable to keep the other electrical appliances away from the spot where router is placed. This will not mix up the frequencies and will enable you to use high speed internet services.

Things To Do With A New Router

Things to consider while having new router

Things to see in new router

When you get a new router, there might be several reasons behind it. One of the major reasons of changing your router would be your old router is not working properly or it is not giving proper speed. Now when you are installing your new router, you want to make the same mistakes which you made when you installed your old router which led to malfunctioning of it. There are several things which you need to take care of when you are installing a new router to make it work at its best. If you are not aware of these things then to guide you, here is list of things to do with a new router.

Things to do with a new router

  • Search for right spot

The basic and most essential thing to be considered while installing a new router is to find a right spot for your router. You might have paid for the fastest internet package and you are even using the most powerful hardware which is perfect but all of this will be of no use if you are placing your router at wrong spot. Wireless routers would be using radio waves which can get weak or gets blocked by the hindrances like walls and bricks. This signal will go on getting weaker when they travel further. Your connection can get really slow if your signal is weak. Try and place it in the center of your home. Put on new router on a shelf or a desk instead of floor. Avoid placing it next to the wall as it will absorb the signal. Avoid placing it near to other devices which leads in emitting signals like cordless phones or microwaves.

  • Adjust your antenna

If your new router is having antenna, then see that they are pointing in proper directions for proper performance of range or performance. Majority of the new routers have their antennas facing upwards only but your routers antenna is not facing upward then change it upwards.

  • Set a Wi-Fi password

Many of the times when you leave your new router open, other devices can connect with your router and this can result in lowering the speed of your network. Making your new router secure is one of the very essential thing to do. You can’t let your Wi-Fi get used by others. Make sure that the password of your Wi-Fi is strong enough.

  • Update your firmware

When you buy any new hardware, it is always advisable to check out whether it is any hardware update available or not. If there then you must opt for updating your hardware. Not updating your new router can also result in reducing the speed. Hence always keep on checking whether there is any new update available or not which can have such amazing features that can highly increase the speed of your firmware.


Benefits of Installing Antivirus in Computer

Red colored Antivirus button

Antivirus protection tips

Installing a good antivirus program in your computer, might be a question of life and death for your computer. There are varied options available in antiviruses for computers. Well, protecting your computer’s data and information should be your top most priority. Apart from simply stopping the antiviruses for attracting towards your computer, there are many other features like firewalls that help in offering well rounded security and safety for your computer’s date and information. Antivirus is generally a program that is installed in your computer for protecting your computer from any damaging sites or file. So your information or data can simply be stored without any fear of losing it up.

Here is the list of benefits of installing antivirus programs in your computer for saving your data and information from getting damaged or destroyed completely.

Antivirus installation benefits:

  • Antivirus installation in the computer helps in protecting your personal information from getting destroyed. Viruses and hackers work hand in hand. They are of similar types because they only intend to destruct the data of some computer. A good antivirus programs offer better protection while surfing and browsing.
  • It helps in preventing the hackers from gaining the access to your personal information and things stored in your computer. Personal information like details of your debit or credit card and the access over your bank details.
  • But if you’re selecting an antivirus with the feature of firewall helps in blocking any of the unauthorized connection entering to your computer. It also helps in preventing the hackers from digging up in to your personal life and your information too.
  • One of the greatest benefits of installing antivirus in your computer is, it helps in getting rid of any virus attack in your computer. Viruses such as malware, spyware and Trojans are certain examples of viruses that can affect your computer.
  • Even, there is different range of serenity of viruses like; some of the viruses are harmless while some of them might simply down right your computer system to crippling. The virus can not only destroy all your data saved in your computer but it can also lead in making your computer an utterly worthless piece of gadget which you can barely use for your work anymore.
  • You might be thinking, all of the antivirus programs are pricey and expensive enough, but the facts say something else. There are many options in antivirus programs that are cheap and affordable as a good option for installing in their computer. Even, there are free antiviruses programs are helps in saving your computer from any virus attack.
  • Even, if you’re thinking of investing your money into a costly form of antivirus program, it’s really beneficial for you in long run because it helps in extending the life of your computer. It simply means that you’ll have to purchase fewer computers in less frequency than those of the people who don’t opt for antiviruses for their computers. Don’t forget to add up an antivirus in your computer for saving and increasing the life of it.

Benefits of Using Wireless Network

Five people enjoying the Wireless network

Wireless network used by five persons

Many of the businesses make the use of LAN now a days, For enabling the employees for sharing a common source of data. It also helps in providing a common point via which the device gets connected with the devices of other employee in the organization. It helps in communicating with other employees. There is however the ever green debate on this that whether businesses should deliver the connected with wireless network or with the wired connection. But according to the ongoing trends, more and more companies are opting for wireless networks rather than installed the wired ones. Well, there are different benefits of using and installing wireless networks in your office that are stated below.

Wireless network benefits:

  • The biggest ingredient of the discussion over selecting wired connection or selecting wireless network are its speed and security. No doubt, wired connection is more powerful but we cannot break down or discourage the wireless network too. Wireless network now a days is improved in the terms of security and speeding issues too.
  • The security issue of wireless network is very good by using the latest encryption technology. Well, it’s not okay to say that it’s not hack able but it can be more open and versatile in the terms of accessibility. Operating system of wireless network is far easier as compared to the wired connection in the organization.
  • By implementing strong type of password, it can be highly secured. Even proper attention should be paid to both the software as well as the hardware technology of your wireless network.
  • No doubt, there are many sources that might increase the interest of hackers for getting their hands over your network. For this situation, those sorts of sensitive and delicate data should warrants to the maximum of the security.
  • For the benefits of wireless network, improved mobility is the biggest advantage that the organization can enjoy by installing it. Being able to sit at any terminal and anywhere in your building premise, it’s very easy in accessing the server.
  • It simply means that where ever you’re in your building premise, you can easily access over the internet connection with the help of wireless networks. It helps in enabling total mobility. As the phenomenon of increasing mobility is beneficial, it also helps in facilitates to bring your own device.
  • It helps in increasing the productivity of the people working in the organization. It might be considered as the by-product of improved mobility factor. It helps in collaborating all the employees where and whenever they want to work together.
  • It also helps in taking the device home and works it for there. It also helps in increasing the speed and productivity of working together with convince. Even the wireless networking has also taken its place into the public domain. You can easily avail the Wi-Fi spot near the railways, bus station and in the mall where you’re visiting. It helps in enabling people to get onto the Wi-Fi whenever they are in need of.

Benefits of Video Conferencing

People Video Conferencing together

Group of people Video Conferencing

Hate travelling to far distance just for attending a single meeting? I can totally understand, it’s a lot more time. Well, for avoiding such situation, video conferencing is one of the most effective methods of communicating with people living far away from you. Video conferencing is an easy and simple means of solution for avoiding the long commutes for your business. Just simple, you’re on camera. Here are some benefits of video conferencing that is found helpful for the people using them.


Video conference advantages:

  • No matter how hard you try for giving the best for your meetings, but it’s really inevitable that there will be last minute chances that some of the members wouldn’t be able to attend the meetings.
  • But, the benefits of using video conference is that the meeting can still be carried ahead, despite of the unforeseen journey that delays or high priority projects that stops people from attending the meetings.
  • Video conferencing is perfectly suitable of remove working situation. Remote working suggests being a realistic and effective way of working. With the help of video conferencing, meeting can be held immediately by connecting with the internet. People can come together for discussing their ideas and work through vocal benefits.
  • I know it’s very annoying of being late because someone is still in your meeting room you booked. Or even worse, you get kicked out of the meeting room? Well, it’s the common problem that is faced by the business men that are having many meeting to attend the scarce when it comes for the rooms.
  • But, you can try your meeting in some other way. Have your own online dedicated room. With the help of video conferencing, it helps in enabling you to make a control over when ands who you want to meet with.
  • The ability to be in several places in one is a bit difficult these days. Video conferencing helps in doing more with fewer things. It helps in increasing the speed of communication. Well, according to the survey, video conferencing would be the next frontier for the ration of increasing productivity.
  • The speed of communication will help you in speeding up the development ration in new services and production. Video conferencing is one of the best means for saving your cost factor.
  • It helps in eliminating the expenditure related to travel, staff meals, hotel bills, and fairs of trains and airlines. And by saving more of your cost and travelling time, you can probably increase up your productivity towards your work.
  • Video conferencing helps in increasing the communication ratio and virtual relationship with the business persons. During proceeding with the video conferencing, you’ll be able to observe the facial expression of the other participant. This are the most important factors that are lost while telephonic communication.
  • We are known with the fact that a picture is worth of thousand words. And video conferencing is the best way for getting your things done with better effectiveness. Video conferencing is the perfect example showing the truthiness of this statement.

Tips for Super-fast Web Browsing

web-browser logo

logo of Web Browser

For someone who does most of the work on web, Might have developed some of the habits that allow him to work more quickly, without any interruption and distraction, so that he can easily enjoy his work quickly. When I see people web browsing, it sometimes surprise me how far behind they are operating it. And when others see me browsing the web, they basically get surprised how quick I am in opening the web browsing. I know there are many web browsing monkeys who operate the web even faster than me. But it is important to understand that each and every person has their own personal web browsing style. Do here are some tips that will help you in increasing speed of web browsing.


Web browsing tips:

Use minimal and fast browser:

If you’re using internet explores for searching your thing from the web, trust me you don’t need to. It is advisable doing yourself a favor and switch over the concept of web browsing right away. Internet explorer is slow, bloated, and insecure and even doesn’t render the web services accurately. Start by using and implementing modern and standard compliant web browsers that is in trend. Firefox is one such option of web browsing that you can easily use for better and faster performance on web. Opt for such type of web browser that is light and faster that helps in minimizing the bloat. Opera and Camino both web browser are great and helps in minimizing the search load. But Google chrome is the fastest type of web browser that the users can definitely go for a try.

Learn the keyboard shortcuts:

Again it is most of the obvious though for the web monkeys but it’s very much faster that you need to get some time for learning the shortcut keys. Some of the common type of examples is like Cmd-T for opening a new tab, Cmd-K for going to the search engine box in the web browser and many more of the shortcuts that helps in resolving the problems very quickly. Each and every OS or browser have their different shortcuts, but is easy in learning them by just looking at the menu of shortcuts in your web browser. Trust me it takes minimal time for learning it and then you’re golden and master in operating your web browser like a pro.

Use tabs instead of Windows:

This should be very much obvious but many of the users still opens a new window each and every time while opening to another or new site. Instead of that, it is advisable of configuring your browsers for opening a new tab every time instead of windows. When you are reading a post and you need to open it in another window, middle click or command click on your PC Will help in opening a new window in your web browsers. Now you can easily switch between the tabs without requiring for finding where the window went.

Set up speed dial and keyword bookmarks in your web browser:


Web Browser image

Most of the web browsers have keywords bookmarks that help in setting up just in few seconds. Generally, for any of the common website you’ll need to create a bookmark, and then go on the bookmark for entering the keyword and you can easily access to that bookmark. For doing this, you’ll need to go to the properties of the book mark and set your keyword. It’s advisable of using shortcut keys that includes the common ones like GM for Gmail, Cal for Google Calendar and St for blogs stats. Speed dial is one of the Opera features that other web browsers seem to be copying. You can go for setting up nine most of the oft-used websites into the list of your speed dial. You can easily access it with just a press of key.

Fast online bookmarking:

Beyond creating keyword bookmarks for commonly used websites, booklets and searches, it’s advisable of bookmarking the pages and resources to be read later on by making the use of online tools. Pinboard is one of the examples of doing so. It’s in beta, but it functions really fast and comprise of both to-read fast and bookmarking feature. Using such type of service will help you in accessing any of your bookmarks for any other computer.

Block flash:

Adobe flash format is popular in the web everywhere these days. Most of popular sites like YouTube depend upon the flash adobe format for functioning the video. You will also be able to find it in the das everywhere, while some of the entire sites are building up on flash. But sometimes it is annoying to use it, flash is basically slow in functioning and I prefer not to use it. But by default you are left with no option for turning it on for streaming a YouTube video. It is very simple, if you don’t want to use it, turn it off according to your preference.

Turn off most of the extensions in the web browsers:

Firefox web browsers works best for all its extensions but if you are using more of them it might cause the reason for slowing your web or even bloat it. So whenever you use the Firefox for searching any of your work, it is advisable of shutting or tuning off the extensions. It helps in making your web browser work even better and faster.

Clear up most of the tool bars:

It is advisable of using minimal tool bars, so turning them off on the browsers and remove most of the buttons, so you can get the content all there is. Good tool for easily storing your passwords, otherwise you’ll either need to remember them all or will need to use the same over and over for not forgetting it. It is also advisable of turning off your internet when you are not working on the web. It will help you in increasing and improving the speed of your computer. It will help you in avoiding any distraction while you’re working on your computer.

How to Identify Computer Virus Infection

symptoms Identifying Computer Virus Infection

Tips of identifying computer virus infection

Keep one thing in mind that whether it is a different virus or the similar one it is definitely going to infect and damage the health of your computer because it will slow down your computer and many more of the symptoms which you can go for considering to be identifying computer virus infection. Not only theses, there are many other ways which can help you in going for knowing about and identifying computer virus infection if your computer is suffering from. Keep that thing in mind that such viruses go for damaging more of your computer which can hang up by providing with damaging and destroying your files and important documents which you have saved. Many times your computer won’t show any of the signs, so it doesn’t mean that your computer is not infected by any virus, in fact you need to go for finding the reason behind it.

This article will help you in taking and identifying computer virus infection which is being affected by your computer. Well, frankly speaking, there are many ways which can help you in the process of identifying computer virus infection which can help you in tackling with your computer too like by going for checking for the performance of your computer, spaces and the speed which your computer is providing, etc. and many more of such stuffs which you can go for identifying computer virus infection in your computer.

How to identify computer virus infection

  • As we all know that computer is considered to be one of the electronic machines which is never the less going to be old or damage right? But your duty is to go for identifying computer virus infection if your computer is being suffering from it.
  • Going for monitoring the performance of your computer is considered to be one of the most common types of scenario which can help you in measuring up and identifying computer virus infection.
  • Because of the viruses, many times the hard drive of your computer starts working in slow manner than these results in hanging up of your computer which can go for damaging your computer.
  • Many times you are not working but you notice that some kind of noise is complying from your computer CPU right? This is considered to be infected because virus has been attested to your computer and has also affected the hard drive of your computer.
  • Another symptom which you can say for calling it as identifying computer virus infection is to observe that for how much long your computer is taking time to get open the pages which you have loaded.
  • This will help you in noticing the time which your computer is taking so that you can go for detecting the virus which has attracted towards your computer.
  • Trouble shoots those of the applications which you have installed in your computer which are making your computer to be slow. And go for removing it so that you can easily keep an access over the computer in a better manner.