How to Make a Bootable Anti Virus CD

Before thinking of making an anti virus cod, it is important to first establish where the anti virus itself will be acquired from. In this case, we will be using a downloaded version of the same, where the first step is usually downloading the antivirus from a site of your choice and then saving it […]

Types of Computer Hardware

The motherboard makes up a complex electrical computer network and is the computer’s primary board. The central processing unit is involved in interpreting, and processing of data found in computer programs while the random access memory allows stored data to be accessed in any other order other than being the computer’s main memory. Power supply […]

Am Oscillator for Wireless Microphone

A 74HC14 hex Schmitt inverter’s gates are wired in a series using a 1MHz crystal that ultimately completes the loop. The spare gate’s input is connected to an intermediate output and a 220-ohm resistor is then connected from the gate’s output to AV. An antenna is then connected to the intersection of the resistor and […]

FM Phone Transmitter

The following process is suited for the skillful and who would want to construct an FM phone transmitter, whether for commercial or personal purposes. It is a device that is said to attach in series to a person’s phone lines such that when there is an incoming call and the handset owner picks up the […]

Antenna Feed Impedance

This refers to when a signal source with an RF antenna is applied to the feed point. Load impedance is, because of this, created on the source. This complex kind of impedance comes from inductance, resistance, as well as capacitance. For complete efficiency in any design OF RF, one should maximize energy transfer by ensuring […]

Antenna Directivity and Gain

Those antennas that do not radiate in all directions in an equal manner are referred to as RF antennas. Most RF antennas will tend to give more radiations to one direction more than others do. There are factors that determine the pattern with which an antenna will radiate and these include the how the antenna […]

Antenna Resonance and Bandwidth

Antenna resonance refers to the tuned circuit consisting of capacitance and inductance. This makes the antenna have the resonant frequency, where a cancellation of a reaction between capacitance and inductance takes place. As result of this, the RF antenna acquires a resistance that comes from blend of resistance from both loss and radiation. The factors […]

DVRs: Are They Worth the Investment?

Digital Video Recorders, commonly known as DVRs still make part of many homestead’s entertainment package, especially those who still hold dearly to those golden old days. Manufacturers of DVRs still strive hard not to disappoint such diehards but their popularity is rapidly dwindling, prompting a halt. DVRs come packed with features that one can hardly […]

Why Satellite TV Stomps Cable Connection

The clarity and crispness of the images on a satellite TV cannot be compared with those of a Cable TV. The popularity of satellite TV has also outgrown that of Cable from the free services that are being offered. Satellite offers a free exploration of the wide range of programs, which are usually free to […]