Information about remote device monitoring

A company‚Äôs products are intelligently connected to each other with the help of remote device monitoring. There are many nomenclatures for remote device monitoring, but whatever it is termed, the basic function is acquisition of important information and data received by the home office from any location outside the field. Some of the key benefits […]

Metal detector and its uses

A metal detector, as the name suggests, is used to detect traces of metal. It is a portable electronic device, which has the capability of penetrating into the ground magnetically and detects even traces of metal. The usage of metal detector however varies from person to person and is not always used for the purpose […]

The many processes of Silicon Wafer Processing

When you look at those small silicon wafers, you have no idea how tedious and complicated is the process of manufacturing it. These are used in electronics, which enables greater efficiency and therefore, its manufacturing must be done carefully. The manufacturing process comprises of a number of sequential processes which are repeated for completing the […]

The various options in standoffs

Standoffs comprise of almost negligible part of machine tools and electrical devices, but they are extremely important components which separate two parts. In maximum cases, standoffs not only perform the task of keeping two units apart, but they also keep the two units in a certain order. There are numerous shapes and sizes of standoffs, […]

How to compose graphical documentation?

Many programmers use graphical documentation that depends a lot on the visualization techniques of the software in order to make even complicated information a lot easier to interpret and understand. However, the most important thing is to know to compose a graphical documentation. The ability of human beings to derive facts from highly complex history […]

Computer aided textile designing

Computer aided textile designing is becoming more and more famous with every passing day due to its wonderful offerings. Some of the primary objectives served by computer aided textile designing are stated below- 1. The work performed in this way is not only extremely fast, but it is also cost-effective and more accurate than ever. […]

Steps to building your energy efficient datacenter

Building an efficient datacenter can be a tough task. However, if one plans properly and follow the steps outlined below, the same can become easier. Here are 9 steps that will make sure that you have established your energy efficient datacenter. 1. Make sure that the periods of systems in your server racks have been […]

Advantages of using GeoPad

Talking about the GeoPad concept, it basically integrates the following- a Windows XP PC having wireless networking, a digital camera, a GPS receiver which should be portable, a software that recognizes voice, microphone headset, GIS, and data sets which are geo-referenced. The primary advantage of using a GeoPad is facilitating the one field usage of […]

Benefits of 3-D visualization software

Working with 3-D visualization software is a great experience and provides utmost solution for meeting the demands. One of the many special benefits of working with 3-D visualization software is that engineers can easily and efficiently use the 3D design data during the various processes, thereby realizing gains on productivity and reduction in costs in […]