Steering Wheel Speakerphone

Attending to phone call or calling any person from your phone while driving is an offence and is most rightly banned in countries like USA and countries in Europe. The law is hell bent upon disallowing people to receive call while driving until of course it is a wireless gadget. The Bluetooth wireless speakerphone attaches […]

Cell Phone Retro Handset

By now the concept of a Bluetooth and camera phone has sunk in and it is time to look beyond. The latest handset that is making all the news is the “retro handset”, new and funky looking mobile phone made of beautiful plastic. It has a chic and urban feel yet has been successful in […]

HYmini Portable Power Supply

With everything becoming portable and sleek now it is time to have a portable power supply or a generator. It is easy to use and come in very small sizes. It has many benefits. Apart from charging your electronic gadgets it also helps to carry the thing along to different places. This item has true […]

BlueAnt Super-tooth Bluetooth Speakerphone

Mobile is a very much an essential commodity now. Life without a cell phone is un-imaginable. With each passing day the mobile phone companies are making new innovations so as they can cater to the demands and desires of the people in general and mobile customers in particular. BlueAnt super-tooth Bluetooth speakerphone is a new […]

Loaded Samsung Smart Phone

Samsung is not a new bee in the cell phone industry. It has quality models and has been appreciated by all and sundry. The Samsung smart phones come with special features and chic designs. The visual display of the phone is stunning. The moment you switch it on the screen emits sharp colours. The images, […]

Bluetooth Headset with In-Car Charging Cradle

With the amount of technological up-gradation occurring every other day,it is only fair to expect a new concept every day. The Bluetooth headsets have in more way than one eased the life of many people around the globe.Now, you don’t have to hold on to your cell phone in your ears in order to continue […]

Perfume Cell Phone

Well, it’s not been long that the cell phones have been discovered. Since its inception, the gadget has been a rage. With almost every individual now owning a mobile phone, the duty of the manufacturer now remains in enhancing the models and look for new and improved ways to make cell phones a desired commodity. […]

Nokia 7380

Nokia is a huge name in the telecom and communication industry. The brand is highly popular and gas been successfully doing the business circuits for years now. It has over the years produced many models and has never ceased to amaze. The new model on the block is the Nokia 7380. The phone is unique […]

Motorola Q

If you are looking for something trendy, chic and aristocratic feel Motorola Q will not disappoint you. It has all the qualities of a good looking and well serving phone. The phone has some real unique features and has been successful in capturing the imagination of its user. This phone is by far the thinnest […]

Easy to Use Amplified Cell Phone

The new cell phone companies are taking care of the customer satisfaction like never before. The Jitterbug J, apart from providing easy dial key and menu systems also provides proper hearing aid. The phone has a easy keypad and possess all relevant feature like the Bluetooth and bright display screens. It has a lovely and […]