Aluminum Laptop PC Briefcase

Those who own a laptop and keep all the data such as contact details of friends, credit card number or even favorite music stored inside the laptop, very often become the attraction for the thieves. The thieves want to steal the laptop for knowing one’s personal details like bank account number, credit card number or […]

Electric Rock Guitar Shirt

Collect T-shirt with one part Band, Rock Band with two parts, mix a splashing of air Guitar and one gets this, an electric guitar and positioned in the confinement of T-shirt made of cotton. In the hem, a mini amp is attached and when turned on all the strummer requires to perform is hitting the […]

Motorola motoPEBL

Motorola motoPEBL is cell phone, which has simple design, and its body is made of rubberized material that makes it more durable. About its features, one can get everything that anybody seeks in a cell phone. It has camera, which is VGA and cannot be compared with the mega pixel cameras of standard quality that […]