Mobile phone monitoring

Want to monitor your child’s, spouse’s or employee’s phone? Then here we tell you how. Unless and until you inform the person that you are monitoring his phone, it is important not to get caught. The only way this can be achieved is by using mobile phone monitoring software. This types of software claim to […]

Must have mobile applications for your Smart phone

Your Smartphone must have certain applications in order to remain a Smartphone. Every year the Smartphone is becoming powerful. The phone must have the application which supports the Web. Some kind of access to the internet is very important. Many organizations have created mobile versions of their sites. Use html5 technology as it offers a […]

Why is investing in a Smartphone a good idea

Mobile phones have become an impending need from around ten years now. Every year there are new features available; this makes buying mobile phones more and more crucial. Internet has become a very important tool for everyone because of its diverse advantages. People prefer to be in touch and make the world a small place. […]

Motorola Droid 3, a smart choice to stay organized

Motorola droid 3 is undeniably the suitable successor of the Motorola’s jaw dropping droid 2 model. The Motorola droid 3 is slimmer with only 14 mm thickness and its pretty light too weighing only 175 g though it looks robust and well built from outside. Droid 3 model possesses the most powerful camera of the […]

BlackBerry Torch 9800, not just a business phone

Want to buy a blackberry? Have decided on the Blackberry Torch 9800? Then it is important for you to know that this is not just another business phone. Sure this phone has all the qualities of a business phone with all its business related apps but that is not all. This phone is packed with […]

Ways to send texts from computer email programs

Do you always want to get hooked onto your friends and associates? Well then texting via email is the best option for you to stay in touch with your friends all the time. Through the Gmail window you can easily send loads of text messages by using the HTML version of rich text or plain […]

An overview on mobile marketing

The term mobile marketing refers to marketing or advertisement on wheels. For example, how many times have you come across a campaign car or truck with the name of the product being campaigned written in huge and colorful fonts to as to attract the attention of the people on the streets? You will find that […]

How to pick a reliable business translation device

You can now use a translation device for your business. Translators have been a part of businesses from an early time. These days instead of relying on a translator, you can rely on devices which do translations for you. The internet has a wide variety of translation resources. You can do a basic search of […]

Advantage and disadvantage of cable TV

All of us have the cable TV to entertain us. Like most things there are some advantages and disadvantages of the cable TV. Cable TV is stable in its service. Only if there is a flaw in the whole system will it stop working. This is not like the modern satellite television which goes off […]

Check your broadband’s speed with a speed test

You can now check the speed of your broadband by simply logging on to a site. Not only can you get a speed test done, you can also compare your results with that of the other’s. You can test various aspects of your broadband like the downloading speed, the uploading speed and the bandwidth. Most […]