How to integrate fax with VOIP

Most companies and organizations are still using fax to carry out a major amount of their work. The fact the fax can be replaced is known but many do not want to do away with the fax machine yet as it provides a lot of services and makes work a lot easier. Many of us […]

Advantage of hosted VOIP phone system

The concept of VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is not very complicated and this technology has been in use for quite some time now. Our voice is transformed into electronic waves which is carried with the help of fiber optic cables with the help of our IP address and transmit the same to someone […]

Mobile hotspots: essential for business travelers

Mobile phones have become a device which not only facilitates communication, but it also serves various other processes too which help the business class people a great deal. The latest models of phones and the smartphones have lot of features which use internet connectivity. Mobile hotspots are very important in places and areas where business […]

DIY PS3 repair

At times, it can get very annoying when you are unable to play your favorite video games and you are out of ideas as well as to what to do to occupy yourself. But unlike yester years, repairing your favorite PS3 is no longer reserved for the authorized showrooms. With some tips and tricks, you […]

An account in T1 data service providers

Today we are almost nothing without the internet. More and more organizations are going online so as to reach out to more and more customers all over the world and most importantly to keep the different branches of the same organization well connected even if they are physically located apart. T1 data service providers provide […]