Essentials to consider while buying a Smartphone

Smart phones are very popular in today‚Äôs life leading. Everyone desires for a sleek, stylish looking handy device. Smart phone is a multifunctioning device that serves multiple tasks at a time. Tasks like listening to music, browsing through net are well implemented by the use of smart phones. Today, a smart phone comes with well […]

Take a step ahead from just a Tablet: IPad

The series of tablet computers that have been designed by the Apple Inc can be termed as ipads. It can be used as platform that supports the audio and visual media in which movies, apps, books, music, periodicals, web contents maintain their functions. The operating system of this device is known as ios and in […]

How to boost the speed of your android Smartphone

Android Smart phones are a rage these days, with more and more app being offered to their users, there is an increased demand to own one. But the one common problem that every user faces while using the Smartphone are speed issues. Here are a few ways by which you can increase the speed of […]

Top 5 paid android applications

Android phones are hugely in demand in the market in the current time and the applications of the phones are also very popular. Even the ones that are paid are in demand. One of the best paid android applications for your mobile phone would be the Spotify. It is a music service that has been […]