What are cat 5 cables?

Cat 5 cables is nothing but a type of networking cable with the help of which it is possible to connect a number of computers enabling the connectivity of the computer to the internet. Wi-Fi network is the latest invention and preferred by many due to its portability. It doesn’t require any type of cable […]

An Account on Windows 8

Windows 8 has introduced ha lot of new features in the world of technoogy. Being a successor of Windows 7, it has kept a lot of techno-freaks waiting and now it has not failed to impress as well. The Metro Styled User Interface is one of the features to look out for. The start screen […]

Buying a cartridge at a low cost

When it comes to replacing an old cartridge many people delay it thinking that it’ll cost them a lot. But sometimes it may so happen that we need a printout ASAP but we are out of ink. Not all of us tend to buy cartridges in bulk as they are pricey so to avoid all […]