Voice Recognition: Key To Enhancement In Data Security

Passwords have been used since the very dawn of civilizations with a view to authenticating the rightful and the worthy. Unique combination of characters and characteristics play crucial role in determination of owner. Inherited properties in humans such as finger-prints, heartbeat and retina form basis of identification of the intended user and the voice is […]

Top 3 reasons to pick windows over Linux

Ever since the release of Linux around the year 2000, Linux has been trying hard to take over the windows dominated operating system market. During the recent years the Linux has entered into server and desktop operating systems. Now it is giving a good competition to the windows market. There are lots of reasons around […]

Plus points of VoIP service

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol has many advantages to list and few disadvantages too. It is an efficient communication procedure and is responsible for transmitting several kinds of voice through internet. Any other kind of transmission that involves communication through voice has to surpass the VoIP channels. The facilities of using VoIP service over […]

Understanding the Predictive Dialing System

With advancement in technology, we have brought in a lot of changes in our life as well. The predictive dialing system is a very successful pacing dialing mode which makes large number of calls to various customers. Earlier people had to do this manually but with this new system, everything is automated it saves time, […]

How To Create Your Own Android Apps

Applications for Android phones and devices have become like a new tech trend. There is an app for everything you could ever ask for. You have apps for calorie burning, calculating business financial profiles, apps for games, music, videos, personalized apps, grocery list apps, etc. If you want to make an application on your own […]