Tips to get free min in Skype

Skype is one of the software’s that allow people to connect to other people on the net and execute video calls and calls online. This comes at a price which is generally calculated by credits. The amounts of credit you have decide the number of minutes you can attend a call on Skype. In order […]

Tips to consider before purchasing a 3D TV

Are you planning to purchase a 3D TV? If this is your plan, then there are few things that you should keep in mind before you make your purchase. In a 3D TV all the channels and programmes will appear in 3D. But you can’t have that 3D vision with open eyes. You need to […]

What is storage virtualization?

Since early day’s data has been stored onto floppy disks, CD drives, magnetic tapes and lot more. Recent developments in data storage technology have resulted in the generation of larger storage drives like the external magnetic hard disks and solid state drives. In network based computing RAID arrays, storage networks and cloud computing is also […]

Top 3 reasons to prefer android over iOS

Android operating system has become very famous over the past few months owing to a large number of features it offers. Also the android operating system is much user friendly and nowadays you can find every other person using an android mobile phone. Well the iOS also offers a number of features still most people […]