Mobile Phone Radiations: How To Reduce It Effectively?

Mobile phones have become an essential commodity in our lives today. But as more and more mobile phones and the network towers are being introduced in our life, we are being exposed to radiations which are extremely harmful. These radiations are causing health disorders in human beings such as dementia, brain disorders, infertility, cancer etc. […]

Top 3 windows phone of 2013

In 2013 the smart phones was turn into less about bragging that had the majority cores and more about screen size and innovate skin texture. iPhone 5S gives apple fans what they have been coming up for including a better screen. These one hand friendly gadgets’ also boasts one of the sharpest cameras approximately a […]

Thrilling Features of Nokia Lumia 1020

Nokia has launched many versions of Lumia which are successfully running in the market. Recently it has launched a new model of the family named Nokia Lumia 1020. Here are a few exciting features that it has, which makes it a must buy for you. Firstly it is the only smart phone which has a […]