Benefits of Installing Antivirus in Computer

Installing a good antivirus program in your computer, might be a question of life and death for your computer. There are varied options available in antiviruses for computers. Well, protecting your computer’s data and information should be your top most priority. Apart from simply stopping the antiviruses for attracting towards your computer, there are many […]

How to Identify Computer Virus Infection

Keep one thing in mind that whether it is a different virus or the similar one it is definitely going to infect and damage the health of your computer because it will slow down your computer and many more of the symptoms which you can go for considering to be identifying computer virus infection. Not […]

How To Select An Antivirus For Your Computer

Now-a-days there are many kinds and types of anti-virus software that are available for your computer. Each promise different features and benefits. However, choosing the best one for your computer among these varied options is the difficult part. To accomplish the task of selecting the program there are some simple steps that you can abide […]

Is Anti Virus for Mobile phones is a waste of money?

While the apps available on android are being discussed, security of the phone is one of an important topic that also talked about. With the advent of more and more apps for the android phones, the operating system of android has become vulnerable to major threats. Some of the apps, where malware has been detected […]

What to look for while choosing your anti-virus software?

Are you planning to install an anti-virus software off late? Well, if your PC or laptop is connected with internet, an anti-virus solution is a must have. It’s because when your computer is exposed to the virtual zone, virus invasion is pretty common which further implies severe threat to the device. The huge demand for […]

Top 3 Antivirus of 2013

Do you want to install new antivirus software in your computer? Well, if you do then you will need to know about the leading antivirus software of 2013 so that you can take your pick from it. The best antivirus of 2013 is definitely the Bitadefender Antivirus Plus 2013. It includes and offers 24×7 technical […]

Top three antivirus companies of 2012

One of the best antivirus companies is Titanium. The Titanium Antivirus Maximum Security provides you with protection that is easy to use and understand. You can get your system protected from intruders, viruses and any other threat. All such security programs that you might need for your personal computer, can be provided by this antivirus. […]

How to Make a Bootable Anti Virus CD

Before thinking of making an anti virus cod, it is important to first establish where the anti virus itself will be acquired from. In this case, we will be using a downloaded version of the same, where the first step is usually downloading the antivirus from a site of your choice and then saving it […]

Adware Removal Awareness Should Be a Priority

Certain types of advertising-supported software like the Spyware have come across as types of programs that are not preferred by people using the PC’s that they are in. this has led to alternatives being found in regards on how that can be removed. There are different benefits that come with removing Adware from one’s computer. […]

Household Ways to Protect Your Computer from Viruses

Viruses in computers get to spread even without one knowing of its presence. This is normally achieved by inserting hardware or even CDs that have viruses in them. This although can be stopped by following certain measures. Installing an anti-virus is one of the ways through which one can stop the effects of the virus […]