Top 5 Budget Cloud Computing Options

Nowadays, majority of the corporate business houses whether big or small depend entirely on cloud computing. Cloud computing has actually given the ultimate opportunity to businesses to access their data as and when required. Through the use of the cloud computing services you can backup your data conveniently on some offsite server without worrying about […]

Voice Recognition: Key To Enhancement In Data Security

Passwords have been used since the very dawn of civilizations with a view to authenticating the rightful and the worthy. Unique combination of characters and characteristics play crucial role in determination of owner. Inherited properties in humans such as finger-prints, heartbeat and retina form basis of identification of the intended user and the voice is […]

How to select a good website developer

There are a few things that you will need to consider when it comes to selecting a good website developer. One of the first things that you will have to consider is covering the base. The home page of the website is very important. The home page has to be very informative and the visitors […]

Role of a Business Technology Analyst

Business analyst is basically a person, who overlooks and designs and controls the technical details involved in a business. There are many companies which look for technical business analysts and it’s a very rewarding job. If you have technical knowledge and you still want to pursue a career in business and marketing, then you can […]

Fax and Google Gmail fax systems

If you are running an office or a business, you have often noticed that you have had to mail many important documents as well as fax them. Today we are lost without the internet and the fax machine and it is often botheration when it comes to faxing important documents that are in the form […]

Voice and business internet services

If you have a business to take care of, internet facilities must be very important to you because communication is one of the key ingredients of a business. For better handling of work, commuting with clients and business partners, etc. you should always look for a fast and reliable internet service. Before you take a […]

Fulfil your business needs with Blackberry apps

Do you want to use your blackberry phone for your personal business use? Well then get some ideas about the fabulous apps that are present in your blackberry phone. The business apps of blackberry has been designed by the company to give their customers fully fledged facilities to conduct their business deals over the phone. […]

An overview on mobile marketing

The term mobile marketing refers to marketing or advertisement on wheels. For example, how many times have you come across a campaign car or truck with the name of the product being campaigned written in huge and colorful fonts to as to attract the attention of the people on the streets? You will find that […]

What to look for while purchasing office phone systems

You need to have a good office phone system for good communication. There are three varieties of phones that you can find – KSU-Less phones, PBX or Private Branch Extension and Key Systems. If you have a small office where you need about ten extensions you can choose the KSU-Less phones. In case you need […]

Audio vs. video conferencing

Judging the importance of your reliable staff from the farthest corner of the world is any day simpler than deciding upon what sort of mechanism whether audio or video conferencing would be fruitful for your major office event. So, let’s take a look at both of these new age communication systems to help you select […]