Top Most Expensive Televisions In The World

Television has become one of the inseparable parts of our home. Just like each member of family has their own cellphone. Nowadays each room of the home has one television. Several dysfunctional families come together just by the power of television. There has been war between father and mother, husband and wife, brother and sister […]

Difference between LCD and LED

LCD & LED are two most popular display technologies doing rounds in the contemporary television sector. LCD refers to “liquid-crystal display” while LED stands for ‘light-emitting diodes”. Technically, both LCD and LED TVs come up with liquid-crystal display feature. Both the TVs are designed with a couple of polarized-glass layers via which liquid crystals work […]

Tips to consider before purchasing a 3D TV

Are you planning to purchase a 3D TV? If this is your plan, then there are few things that you should keep in mind before you make your purchase. In a 3D TV all the channels and programmes will appear in 3D. But you can’t have that 3D vision with open eyes. You need to […]

Plasma TV vs. LED TV

The LED TV being the most advanced version of television has just a minor difference from its predecessor. The major fact includes that it requires less energy consumption. The plasma TVs are cheaper than the LED ones, keeping it a step ahead. But that’s not the criteria; you cannot neglect the quality LED provides. While […]

Matte Vs Glossy Screen – Which Laptop Screen Should I Get?

When purchasing a laptop, one of the things that you consider is the screen. There are two types of laptop screen which are popular with laptop owners. You can buy the Matte screen or the Glossy one. The choice of screen that you buy will depend on your personal tastes and preferences and how comfortable […]

Benefits of Flat Panel Monitors

A flat panel monitor has a number of benefits. It is a modern, slim, energy efficient and high-resolution alternative for computer monitors. Flat panel monitors are a great component of modernity because they take up very little space and they use energy efficiently. The flat surface of the monitor that has a back light that […]