What is storage virtualization?

Since early day’s data has been stored onto floppy disks, CD drives, magnetic tapes and lot more. Recent developments in data storage technology have resulted in the generation of larger storage drives like the external magnetic hard disks and solid state drives. In network based computing RAID arrays, storage networks and cloud computing is also […]

Importance of backup servers

Advancing technology has improved data storage system for businesses in an efficient manner. Mostly all businesses, big or small need to protect and store large amount of data for their working. A hard disk crash, natural disaster, hacking can threaten the data storage system critically. This is where remote server backup comes into play. These […]

Must have web conferencing features

Do you want to know about the important features that a web conferencing system should have? Well, if your answer is in the affirmative here is a bit of help for you. The most important feature of web conferencing is reliability. During the webinars, your success will be determined by the system’s up-time and its […]

Steps to building your energy efficient datacenter

Building an efficient datacenter can be a tough task. However, if one plans properly and follow the steps outlined below, the same can become easier. Here are 9 steps that will make sure that you have established your energy efficient datacenter. 1. Make sure that the periods of systems in your server racks have been […]

How to Configure an NTP Network Time Server in Windows 2003

NTP stands for Network Time Protocol and it is used to synchronize the time on a network server. Real Time Clock Chips that store time data even during power outages protect it. This is necessary for time-sensitive applications like booking online tickets. The time utility in the Windows 2003 system was known as Windows Time, […]