Tips To Increase Your Wi fi Speed

It’s really a pain in head to browse the internet with slow speed. You cannot search something quickly or you cannot download something or the site you want to open keeps on loading for a long period of time. This is really very annoying. There can be an issue in the speed of your Wi […]

Things To Do With A New Router

When you get a new router, there might be several reasons behind it. One of the major reasons of changing your router would be your old router is not working properly or it is not giving proper speed. Now when you are installing your new router, you want to make the same mistakes which you […]

Benefits of Using Wireless Network

Many of the businesses make the use of LAN now a days, For enabling the employees for sharing a common source of data. It also helps in providing a common point via which the device gets connected with the devices of other employee in the organization. It helps in communicating with other employees. There is […]

Why Is Wireless Broadband Popular?

Earlier wired broadband was used by the majority of the people. But as time went by people got fed up with the wired broadband because of the slow speed. After this came the age of wireless broadband. Wireless broadband did not require the use of modems or landlines for accessing the internet. It made surfing […]

Buying wireless routers online

There are a few things that you have to take care of when it comes to choosing the best wireless router online. The first thing that you will have to consider is what you are going to use it for. You may need a wireless router for a laptop or you may simply use one […]

How to select the best wireless router

Finding the best wireless router is not a very easy thing. you just can’t go to a shop and pick up the wireless router. There are several other things that should be kept in mind and should be considered carefully while going to buy a wireless router for you. There certain factors that should be […]

What to do when wireless goes wrong

Fixing up the wireless network is quite a challenging job but here are certain tips that might help you before you decide to call up your net service provider. Firstly, restart your computer. Wait for 30 secs after the “Shut Down” function is complete. Then, power your PC on. If this does not work, restart […]

How did satellite TV originate?

Not until year 1975, communication via satellite began to take shape, thus satellite came into existence. It’s a wireless system that broadcast TV programs through satellite communication. It is huge electronic equipment which floats in an orbit some 22,400 miles above Earth. Sir Arthur Clarke wrote an article “Extra-terrestrial relays” not knowing that one day […]

The Benefits of a WiFi Printer

With the advancement of technology, people are busy switching to wi-fi printers because of its wide range of services that it offers. You can get to do things much faster way when you start using wi-fi printers. You would find that the set up process is quite simple and you do not have to wait […]

Cheap Wireless Routers – Creating Affordable Internet Accessibility

The internet is an important part of today’s technological world. If you want to get cheap internet accessibility in your office or at home, you can always rely on cheap wireless routers. These wireless routers are ideal for people who use the internet for basic tasks such as checking and sending emails, simple browsing and […]