How did satellite TV originate?

This post was written by qwcdirect on April 23, 2011
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Not until year 1975, communication via satellite began to take shape, thus satellite came into existence. It’s a wireless system that broadcast TV programs through satellite communication. It is huge electronic equipment which floats in an orbit some 22,400 miles above Earth.

Sir Arthur Clarke wrote an article “Extra-terrestrial relays” not knowing that one day it would be a helpful resource in inventing Satellite TV. He didn’t have the slightest idea that what an influence it would have on future communications, but the corepart was planted.

Russians were first people to explore the certainty of this idea. Launching of “SPUTNIK” on 4rth October
in year 1957 was first satellite TV and with that Americans were in total shock of making them feel inferior.

The answer from United States of America was loud and clear; they exclusively launched their own satellite TV on January 1st 1958 & since than the races are on.

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