Pros And Cons Of Video Conferencing

This post was written by Michael Waterside on August 22, 2017
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Advantages and disadvantages of video conferencing

Pros and cons of video conferencing

The cost of travelling is not less that too when it comes to travelling abroad. You cannot spend way too much just for travelling that too when you have to do it frequently. This is why the alternative has been brought out. Video conferencing saves on time, money and energy which would go uselessly for travelling from one place to other When the thing comes about all those big companies who have their branches all across the country or even beyond that, travelling time and again for small matters like meetings related to general company affairs and employees is really not worth it. With advancement in the technology and evolvement of video conferencing, the work has become much easier and smoother. Video conferencing is used as a tool for regular communication to stay connected with the customers, friends, and partners, colleagues in a very effective and convenient manner. Video conferencing is one of the best ways of connecting people to each other in real time through the source of video and audio communication both through internet which enables the facilities like sharing presentations, collaboration of digital documents and virtual meetings. Well any new technological developments have its two sides and both should be known effectively while you are using this technology. Just like any other technology, video conferencing also has several pros and cons, here are they.


  • Enhanced productivity

Time and district barriers are eliminated by using video conferencing. This allows you to keep meeting at any point of time with anyone at any place. There is no issue of travelling or getting cabs, air tickets or train tickets. Video conferencing makes meeting shorter and even more effective. Decisions are also taken more rapidly.

  • Ease in communication

Video conferencing can be used by any person sitting anywhere in the world to get connected with anyone in any corner of the world. With tools like HD video, media sharing, screen sharing, conference recording, electronic voting, the level of communication has increased and also eased.

  • No travel constraint

Several times, travelling can be constraint in holding any meeting or taking any important decision which should be taken on immediate base. By using video conferencing, this constraint can be removed very easily. You can feel like you are having a virtual meeting only and along with also save up cost which is really dramatic.


  • Technical issues

The biggest cons of video conferencing are the technical issues which are related with the smooth transactions which can be the result of the hardware failure, software failure or the network failure. The connection can be disturbed several times due to change in environment also. If there are no technical support experts then it can be difficult to communicate for those who are not familiar with this concept.

  • Missing personal interaction

For getting success in some meetings, it’s needed to give some personal touch. Meeting up someone is more personal and overwhelming as compared to that with videoconferencing. You cannot judge the body language of the person you are doing the meeting with in case of videoconferencing.

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