Things To Do With A New Router

This post was written by Michael Waterside on February 24, 2017
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Things to consider while having new router

Things to see in new router

When you get a new router, there might be several reasons behind it. One of the major reasons of changing your router would be your old router is not working properly or it is not giving proper speed. Now when you are installing your new router, you want to make the same mistakes which you made when you installed your old router which led to malfunctioning of it. There are several things which you need to take care of when you are installing a new router to make it work at its best. If you are not aware of these things then to guide you, here is list of things to do with a new router.

Things to do with a new router

  • Search for right spot

The basic and most essential thing to be considered while installing a new router is to find a right spot for your router. You might have paid for the fastest internet package and you are even using the most powerful hardware which is perfect but all of this will be of no use if you are placing your router at wrong spot. Wireless routers would be using radio waves which can get weak or gets blocked by the hindrances like walls and bricks. This signal will go on getting weaker when they travel further. Your connection can get really slow if your signal is weak. Try and place it in the center of your home. Put on new router on a shelf or a desk instead of floor. Avoid placing it next to the wall as it will absorb the signal. Avoid placing it near to other devices which leads in emitting signals like cordless phones or microwaves.

  • Adjust your antenna

If your new router is having antenna, then see that they are pointing in proper directions for proper performance of range or performance. Majority of the new routers have their antennas facing upwards only but your routers antenna is not facing upward then change it upwards.

  • Set a Wi-Fi password

Many of the times when you leave your new router open, other devices can connect with your router and this can result in lowering the speed of your network. Making your new router secure is one of the very essential thing to do. You can’t let your Wi-Fi get used by others. Make sure that the password of your Wi-Fi is strong enough.

  • Update your firmware

When you buy any new hardware, it is always advisable to check out whether it is any hardware update available or not. If there then you must opt for updating your hardware. Not updating your new router can also result in reducing the speed. Hence always keep on checking whether there is any new update available or not which can have such amazing features that can highly increase the speed of your firmware.


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