Tips To Increase Your Wi fi Speed

This post was written by Michael Waterside on March 11, 2017
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Ways of increasing wifi speed

Tips of increasing wifi speed

It’s really a pain in head to browse the internet with slow speed. You cannot search something quickly or you cannot download something or the site you want to open keeps on loading for a long period of time. This is really very annoying. There can be an issue in the speed of your Wi fi. If you are facing such issues then you will have to check the speed of your wi fi there are many reasons of lowering the speed. You cannot work in such low speed and hence you have to take steps for increasing your wi fi speed. If you are not aware of the steps to increase your wi fi speed then to help you out here are some of the steps to improve your wi fi speed.

Tips to increase your wi fi speed

  • Make use of latest technologies

One of the best ways to increase your wi fi speed is to use those technologies which are updated. You have to make sure that your network is fast and reliable. You have to make use of the up to date hardware to get the optimum speed and not to bear with the low speed issues. If you are having the wi fi which is A, B and G then they are pretty much old and extremely slow. The newer hardware for wi fi is the N and AC. These will help you to increase your wi fi speed. Update your wi fi to these versions. However for getting the fastest speed, you will need both wi fi N and also thye wireless N in your computer.

  • Find the right spot

Your router might not be that much good looking and trendy but this does not mean you will hide it in the unwanted corner of your home. For increasing your wi fi speed, you need to find a spot which is appropriate for placing your modem and from where signals don’t get obstructed. One of the essential things about placing your wi fi is that it should not be surrounded by walls. Walls will hinder the signals and frequency of your wi fi and lower its speed. Place it somewhere in the middle of the office and home. This will be able to increase the speed of your wi fi. Also make sure to not to keep it in a place where it gets direct sunlight as these will also not help in increasing speed of your wi fi.

  • Keep other appliances away

There are not always issues with the router when speed is slow. There are many electrical gadgets in your home and many times their signals clash with each other lowering your internet speed. Hence it is advisable to keep the other electrical appliances away from the spot where router is placed. This will not mix up the frequencies and will enable you to use high speed internet services.

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