Top Hottest Social Apps For Teens

This post was written by Michael Waterside on May 12, 2017
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Social media apps for teens

Top social media apps

Social networking is ever evolving thing. There was a time when only Facebook and MySpace were the apps which were used widely and which ruled the internet. However this time has long gone. In this generation everyone has gone mobile and explored every single app coming to the market, used for a while and then thrown them away from the market as if they never existed. This time is for the photo sharing and video sharing. People are always excited to share where they are hoe they look and what they are doing. Facebook has struggled a lot to keep their younger audience and users engaged with the app but now everyone is proactive and has been using every new thing and if they find it more interesting they shift towards it very easily. Teens are always on their p-hones or tablets doping some or the other thing. Let’s find out which are the apps which keep them this bust y and engaged with their phones and tablets all the time. Here is a list of some of the top hottest social apps for teens.

  • WhatsApp

There are plenty of teens who make use of Facebook messengers on their cell phones to get in touch with their friends. However with the installation of whatsapp, the use of Facebook messenger has reduced and teens have immensely shifted to whatsapp. On an average, the monthly counting of active users of whatsapp is around 700 million. This app not only helps to text but it also lets you add status, images, and videos. It also avails the feature of sharing the location, making video calls and also voice calls. The entire platform of whatsapp and Facebook is isolated and hence you don’t have to worry about the overlapping of both of them.

  • Snapchat

This is also one of the messaging app but this considered as the private messaging app for short videos and photos. Here the photos, texts and videos will be automatically deleted after they have been seen for a few seconds. This app has been so trendy and popular among the kids because of its self-destructing quality. This is the basic reason why teens finds it more encouraging and appealing knowing the facts that their previous snaps will disappear without giving a chance to anyone else to see it. There are some cute and really funny filters which this app provides and attracts more teens to use this app.

  • Instagram

Facebook might be ruling as the social photo sharing app on the web but when it comes to mobile, undeniably instagram rules it. However instagram is not openly sharing how many users of it is teens but it is quite visible that social media platform is totally infested by the teens only. You can search some popular pages or go for finding some popular hashtags to get the note of how the young people are dominating the web world.


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