Top Most Expensive Televisions In The World

This post was written by Michael Waterside on July 24, 2017
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Most expensive TV in the world

Top expensive TV of world

Television has become one of the inseparable parts of our home. Just like each member of family has their own cellphone. Nowadays each room of the home has one television. Several dysfunctional families come together just by the power of television. There has been war between father and mother, husband and wife, brother and sister because of this television. You can understand what significance television hold in today’s life. Even when only a single person is living in a home, the presence of television will take off his loneliness and make him feel like he is accompanied with someone. The talk shows, the daily soaps, the reality shows, the cookery channels, the news channel, it feels like the entire world has been captured and bought to you through your television.  There are also plenty of job opportunities created due to television and many talents were recognized due to this magical box. Well this article is not about the pros of televisions or the functions of television, it is about the most expensive televisions in the entire world. These most expensive televisions are very exclusive and only those could buy them who are ultra-rich and have money flowing like water. Here is a list of most expensive televisions in the world.

  • Stuart Hughes ‘Rose Edition’

This television set is not of Panasonic or Samsung; instead it is of the Stuart Hughes which is a TV brand itself. This company is bit different which is into manufacturing and distribution of luxury television sets, music system, cell phones, laptops and all such things. Rose edition by Stuart edition is one of its best creations and is in the top of list of most expensive television in the world bearing a cost of 2.26 million US dollars. This price tag of this supreme TV equals to a hyper car Bugatti Veyron.  The outer frame of this TV is made from gold while the power buttons is made up from diamonds. The quantity of 62 pounds of 18 carat gold was used in this TV and the diamond is of 1 carat each. Now you know why this is at the top of most expensive television of the world.

  • The Titan Zeus

This is considered as the largest TV having the width of 370 inch. This TV is having 4K display which gives the performance of superior quality in both indoor and outdoor. This TV bears a price of 1.6 million US dollars which is quite high to pay for a television set. This is the only TV in the world which can give competition or even beat the Stuart Hughes jewel TV with its splendid specs.

  • Stuart Hughes Prestige HD supreme edition

This is in the third position in the list of top most expensive TV in the world. Unlike the first edition, this television is using frame of 24 carat gold with 48 diamonds each of 1 carat. The display of this TV is of 55 inch. The price of this television is 1.5 million US dollars.

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