What to do when wireless goes wrong

This post was written by cooldude on September 1, 2011
Posted Under: Wireless

Fixing up the wireless network is quite a challenging job but here are certain tips that might help you before you decide to call up your net service provider. Firstly, restart your computer. Wait for 30 secs after the “Shut Down” function is complete. Then, power your PC on.

If this does not work, restart your wireless router. Shut the power off manually or unplug its power source via your electrical outlet and wait till 30 seconds. Then, turn the router on but if it does not work try with the Ethernet cable and disconnect it from the wireless router. Again, wait till thirty seconds and reconnect the Ethernet plug to the router.

But what if this one too doesn’t work? Don’t worry; go to your PC and right-click on the wireless symbol at the bottom side of your screen, and hit on the link saying ‘Troubleshoot problems”. You will get instructions for fixing the network. But if all these fail, you have to call up the net service provider.

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